Absorbents: Your Trusted Solution For Efficient Spill Control

Absorbents: Your Trusted Solution For Efficient Spill Control
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In industrial environments, spills happen, and quick and effective spill control and response is crucial to maintaining a safe and clean workspace. Absorbents provide a reliable solution for managing spills and leaks of various liquids. With their advanced features and high absorbency, Brady SPC Absorbents have become a trusted choice for industries seeking efficient spill containment. In this blog, we will delve into the features of absorbents, highlighting why they are an essential component of spill control programs and spill response in industrial settings.

Brady Absorbent Features

Superior Absorbency:

Brady SPC Absorbents are engineered to provide superior absorbency, quickly containing and soaking up spills. Whether it's oil, coolant, water, solvents, or chemicals, these absorbents are designed to effectively capture and retain liquids. The high absorbency rate ensures that spills are promptly controlled, minimizing the risk of accidents, environmental contamination, and damage to equipment.


One of the notable advantages of Brady SPC Absorbents is their versatility. These absorbents are available in various formats, including pads, rolls, socks, pillows, and booms, allowing for easy customization and adaptability to different spill scenarios. Whether you need to place absorbents under leaky machinery, line walkways to prevent slips, or deploy them on water surfaces, Brady SPC Absorbents offer flexible solutions to meet your specific spill control needs.

Reliable Durability:

Brady SPC Absorbents are built to withstand demanding industrial environments. They are constructed from high-quality materials that are resistant to tearing, ensuring durability and longevity even under harsh conditions. The robust design of Brady SPC Absorbents enables them to effectively absorb liquids without disintegrating, maintaining their integrity throughout the spill cleanup process.

Efficient Cleanup:

Time is of the essence when it comes to spill response. Brady SPC Absorbents facilitate efficient cleanup, allowing for a swift resolution of spills. The absorbents efficiently lock in and retain absorbed liquids, minimizing the risk of drips and leaks during transportation and disposal. This not only simplifies the cleanup process but also reduces the potential for secondary spills and contamination.

Compliance and Safety:

Brady SPC Absorbents comply with industry regulations and safety standards, making them a reliable choice for spill control in industrial settings. These absorbents are designed to help companies meet their environmental responsibilities and maintain a safe work environment. By using Brady SPC Absorbents, industries can demonstrate their commitment to spill prevention and control, protecting both their workforce and the surrounding ecosystem.

Types Of Absorbents

A&M Industrial offers a wide range of absorbents designed to efficiently contain and clean up spills of various liquids. Each type of Brady SPC Absorbent Product is specifically engineered to address different spill scenarios and provide effective spill control. In this blog, we will explore the different types of absorbents, highlighting their features and applications, and helping you understand which absorbent is best suited for your spill control needs.

Absorbent Pads:

absorbent-padsAbsorbent Pads are versatile and commonly used for spill containment and cleanup. These pads are constructed with a highly absorbent material, such as polypropylene, which quickly soaks up liquids. Absorbent pads are ideal for placing under leaking machinery, drums, or other equipment to prevent spills from spreading. They are available in different sizes and thicknesses to accommodate various spill volumes and requirements, with general purpose universal absorbent pads and oil-only absorbent pads being the most popular options.

Absorbent Rolls:


Absorbent Rolls offer a practical solution for larger spills or continuous leak situations. These rolls are designed to cover larger areas, providing an effective barrier against spreading liquids. Absorbent rolls can be easily cut to size, allowing for customized spill control. They are commonly used in manufacturing facilities, maintenance areas, and warehouses to manage spills and drips effectively.

Absorbent Socks:


Absorbent Socks, also known as absorbent booms or dikes, are flexible cylindrical absorbents that are effective for containing and diverting spills. These socks are filled with highly absorbent material and have a knitted outer sleeve that ensures durability and prevents linting. Absorbent socks are particularly useful for encircling spills or creating a perimeter around sensitive areas, such as machinery, drains, or walkways, to prevent liquid migration.

Absorbent Pillows:


Absorbent Pillows are designed for absorbing larger volumes of liquids. These rectangular-shaped absorbents have a high capacity for liquid retention and are commonly used to clean up spills in areas with limited access or tight spaces. Absorbent pillows can be placed under machinery or equipment with potential leak points or used to absorb bulk liquids during cleanup operations.

Absorbent Granules:


Absorbent Granules provide a convenient solution for absorbing spills on solid surfaces. These lightweight granules are made from a highly absorbent material, such as clay or cellulose, and are sprinkled over spills to quickly soak up liquids. Cellulose absorbent granules are ideal for oil and grease spills on shop floors, and can also absorb chemicals and water-based fluids, making them incredibly versatile and useful in a machine shop or manufacturing setting. Absorbent Granules help to reduce slip hazards by providing traction on slippery surfaces.

Specialty Absorbents:

A&M Industrial offers a range of specialty absorbents tailored for specific applications. This includes absorbents designed for oil-only spills, chemical spills, hazmat situations, and more. These specialty absorbents are engineered to selectively absorb specific types of liquids, ensuring efficient cleanup while minimizing waste and reducing environmental impact.

Spill kits:


Spill kits are a collection of absorbents compiled into a kit that allows you to prepared be for a spill and capable of fast, efficient spill response. Spill kits are available in varying sizes, and include the essential absorbents and equipment that assist with the containment, cleanup, decontamination and disposal of a spill. Common spill kits are general purpose universal spill kits and oil spill kits. Hazmat spill kits absorb a wide range of hazardous fluids and typically include high visibility components that act to alert workers to the presence of hazardous materials.


Brady Absorbents provide superior absorbency, versatility, durability, and compliance with safety standards. By incorporating absorbents into spill response programs, industries can enhance workplace safety, prevent environmental contamination, and maintain a clean and efficient workspace. Absorbents empower you to respond, contain and clean up spills promptly and effectively, ensuring a safer and more productive industrial environment.

Need help managing spills in your facility?

Having a spill response plan in place for your facility can help you to respond fast and minimize both the mess and risks associated with a spill. Worker productivity can be improved dramatically by strategically placing spill kits or absorbent storage centers around the facility closer to areas of need. For both emergency spill clean-up and routine maintenance and safety, readily available absorbent spill kits allow for a quicker, more efficient response. To request a safety analysis of your facility, assistance developing a spill response plan, or to learn more about the many safety services we offer, please contact the A&M Industrial Safety Team.

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