Brady Flex Series Label Printers: High Tech Meets High Convenience

Brady Flex Series Label Printers: High Tech Meets High Convenience

We carry a wide range of Brady Label Printers and we're thrilled to introduce you to the latest Brady label printers and automatic labels. The innovative new generation of Brady labelers provides more flexibility, durability, and unparalleled speed when printing. Easy-to-use, easy-to-pair, and easy to transport, these go-anywhere label printing solutions allow you to quickly organize and ID materials at any workstation or any jobsite. Like the Brady M210 Portable Label Printer and the Brady M211 Portable Bluetooth Label Printer, the Flex Series Printers deliver unmatched performance and convenience.



M710 - Faster Printing, Less Mess:

Brady's fastest portable Label printerM710-Brady-Printer

  • Experience lightning-fast print speeds of 3" per second.
  • Print up to 4,500 labels on a single charge.
  • Built to withstand 4' drops, sand, and dust.
  • Print labels using the keypad or your phone.
  • Enjoy automatic label cutting.

M611 - Enhanced Field Flexibility:M611-Brady-Printer

Provides the widest range of data entry options

  • Print at a speed of 2" per second.
  • Accommodates a 2" print width.
  • Design and print labels using your phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Store over 1,000 labels on board and print them in the field.
  • Connect up to 5 devices via Bluetooth.

M610 - Uncompromising Durability:M610-Brady-Flex-Printer

Brady's toughest & most durable Portable Label printer

  • Print at a speed of 2" per second.
  • Print up to 4,500 labels on a single charge.
  • Design and print labels using a keypad, mobile app, or desktop software.
  • Withstands military-grade shock resistance from a 6' drop.
  • Operates in temperatures ranging from 0° to 115° F.

Benefits of using Express Labels Mobile for printing:

  • Easily access ready-to-print label files from the cloud or email.
  • Incorporate label data from Excel or CSV files into templates.
  • Utilize saved files on your mobile device.
  • Share label files effortlessly with air-drop functionality.
  • Enjoy a wider variety of fonts, local languages, and symbols with mobile device keyboards.


Learn more about Brady Labelers:

A&M Industrial is a full line distributor of the Brady brand. Please call for more information on Brady Label Printers and the Brady Flex Series Printers, or contact the A&M Industrial Team for help selecting the right label printer for your facility or application. Portable label printers can be used not only at jobsites, but also throughout your facility to label and organize materials, identify part bins, contribute to your 5S efforts, and more.