ER Coolant Collets And Cutting Edge Technology From Techniks

ER Coolant Collets And Cutting Edge Technology From Techniks

Precision and performance are non-negotiable, especially when it comes to CNC machining. A&M Industrial's comprehensive range of CNC tooling caters to various industries including metalworking, woodworking, aerospace, medical, mold & die, and beyond. Innovative solutions from Techniks Tool Group (TTG) embody the latest cutting edge designs, coatings, and craftsmanship that empower you to increase both your productivity and efficiency. Among these innovations are coolant collets, which address the all-too-common pain point of effective coolant delivery.

When do you need a coolant collet?

Machinists often face the challenge of directing coolant to the cutting area, which is crucial for efficient chip evacuation, lubricating the cutting surface, and preventing heat build-up that can lead to tool failure. While flood coolant is effective for surface cutting, it becomes more complicated when machining cavities or tapping, as the workpiece can obstruct the coolant flow. To address this, Techniks has developed a wide range of ER coolant collets to meet various cutting applications.

What Is A Coolant Collet?

Coolant-ColletA coolant collet is named so because it seals the cutting tool shank to direct coolant through the tool. Coolant-through tooling, such as end mills and drills, is gaining popularity due to its ability to clear chips and enable faster feeds and speeds. These tools have built-in coolant ports in the shank, ensuring coolant reaches the cutting area regardless of hole or cavity depth. To prevent coolant leakage and maintain pressure, coolant collets are used to seal around the cutting tool shank, forcing the coolant through the tool. This maximizes coolant pressure at the cutting area, improving cutting performance and tool life by pushing chips away from the cutting path.

Techniks coolant collet Options

ER-collets-steel-sealedSteel-Sealed Coolant Collets

The Steel-Sealed Coolant Collets are ideal for high-pressure coolant applications. They have a special slotting design that prevents coolant from reaching the collet face, making them suitable for use with high-pressure coolant up to 2,000 PSI. It's important to choose the correct collet bore size for on-size use with a specific shank diameter.

ER-sealed-coolant-colletsplug-style coolant collets

In addition to Steel-Sealed Coolant Collets, Techniks also offers plug-style coolant collets. These collets use rubber plugs in the slots to block coolant leakage through the collet face. Unlike standard collets with 16 slots, Techniks Plug-Style Coolant Collets have only 4 slots in the face, allowing for larger plugs that can withstand higher coolant pressure more reliably. These collets are pressure rated to 750 PSI and have a collapse range of 0.020" to avoid dislodging the plugs when clamping odd-sized shanks.

ER-RIGID-TAP-COLLETSER Steel Sealed Rigid Tap collets

For coolant-through taps, Techniks offers ER Steel Sealed Rigid Tap Collets. These collets have a unique slotting design that locks and seals the tap shank, allowing coolant to be directed through the tap. They are available for inch and metric taps in various ER sizes.


ER Steel Sealed collets with Coolblast

What do you do if your tooling is not coolant-through? In cases where coolant-through tooling is not preferred or feasible (when very small tool shanks may not have the clearance to bore coolant ports, for instance), Techniks offers ER Steel Sealed Collets with CoolBLAST. CoolBLAST collets feature coolant ports drilled into the collet face. Coolant is sealed at the tool shank, while the angled CoolBLAST ports direct coolant to the cutting area with a pressure rating of 1,400 PSI.


Cutting Edge CNC Machining Solutions

A&M Industrial, along with our supply partner TTG, is here to empower you by offering high-quality precision CNC machining products you need to get the job done right. In addition to coolant collets, A&M Industrial proudly offers additional TTG innovations, including:

Collet Chucks: Techniks' collet chucks epitomize precision. Designed to securely hold various cutting tools, they minimize runout and ensure optimal tool accuracy, a critical factor in achieving superior machining results.

Tool Holders: The heart of CNC machining lies in the tool holder. Techniks Tool Group crafts tool holders that harmonize with your tools, minimizing vibration, and enhancing cutting performance. This attention to detail significantly extends tool life and enhances surface finish quality.

End Mill Holders: Achieving precision milling requires end mill holders that guarantee minimal runout. Techniks' end mill holders shine in this aspect, making them indispensable tools for crafting intricate designs in aerospace, medical, and mold & die applications.

Turning Tools: In the world of turning, precision and reliability are paramount. Techniks' line of turning tools delivers on both fronts, ensuring that your turning applications are accurate, consistent, and repeatable.


Bridging the Gap: precision, Reliability & Beyond

At A&M Industrial, we believe TTG’s reputation extends beyond the brilliance of their products and together, we are even stronger. Here's what sets us apart from others in the CNC tooling landscape:

Unrivaled Precision: Precision is the cornerstone of every CNC machining task. Techniks' obsession with accuracy, evident in their meticulously crafted products, translates into immaculate results that meet and exceed your expectations.

Diverse Industry Applications: Aerospace, medical, and mold & die industries demand different nuances in CNC machining. Techniks Tool Group recognizes this and tailors their solutions to the specific requirements of each industry, ensuring their tools seamlessly integrate into your workflow. Our field expertise is unparalleled and ready to match you with the right product for the right application.

Empowering CNC Machinists: Beyond the products themselves, Techniks and A&M are committed to equipping CNC machinists with knowledge and resources. Our expert account managers are ready to assist you from conception to execution.

Responsive Customer Support: A&M Industrial Supply's partnership with Techniks Tool Group doesn't just end with products; it's a gateway to responsive and collaborative customer support. Questions, concerns, and technical inquiries are met with expert guidance, solidifying Techniks' role as an invaluable ally.


From Spindle to table with A&M And TTG

When you opt for A&M Industrial Supply's offerings, which include the pioneering solutions of Techniks Tool Group, you're not just choosing products – you're embracing innovation, precision, and a promise of exceptional outcomes. Experience the future of CNC tooling excellence by embarking on a journey from "spindle to table" with A&M Industrial Supply and Techniks Tool Group today. Contact A&M Industrial's expert metalworking support team for assistance selecting the right TTG CNC tooling for your application.