How to Choose The Right Drum Handling Equipment

How to Choose The Right Drum Handling Equipment
Morse Drum Handling

With so many Morse Drum Handling options available, selecting the right drum handler or barrel handling equipment can be a challenge. It's important for industrial manufacturing companies to gather and consider three factors as a drum handling solution is determined.

As you select a drum handling solution, carefully evaluate and consider:

  1. Your current drum collection: What drums do you have and what are their specifications?
  2. How you utilize or plan to utilize your drums: What you do with your drums?
  3. Your ideal drum handling solution: What are your drum handling requirements?

STEP 1. Drum Information: Evaluate Your Current Drum Collection

Review the specifications of the drums you have at your facility:
  • Type(s) of drums: steel, plastic or fiber?
  • Drum sizes: 55, 30 gallon (210, 114 liter), etc.
  • Drum weight: what is the weight of your heaviest drum?
  • Drum rims: do ALL drums have a Top Rim?
  • Drum contents: ONLY consider if mixing. Do drums contain liquid, powder, or granules?

STEP 2. Drum Utilization: What Do You Need to Do with YOur Drums?

  • Move & transport: will you move upright drums?
  • Lift and pour drum: how high will the drum be required to be raised?
  • Rack drum: upright or horizontal? What is the maximum height?
  • Mix drum contents inside drum: Will you require a TUMBLER for vigorous mixing,
    or a ROLLER for gentle mixing?

STEP 3. Determine the Type of Drum Handler You Need

  • Forklift Attachment
  • Below-Hook Drum Handler
  • Mobile Drum Handler
  • Powered or Manual Drum Handler:
    • Battery powered
    • Air powered
    • Plug-in electric powered: confirm Phase, Voltage and Hz of power supply as you determine the proper drum handling solution
    • Fully manual
  • Is Stainless Steel Equipment Required? Common for food, pharmaceutical and chemical handling applications.
  • Is Spark Resistant Equipment Necessary? Required for hazardous areas with flammable or explosive materials. What Class and Group is hazardous area?

Need assistance selecting the right drum Handler for your needs?

Our extensively trained team can help you evaluate your current drum selection, drum usage, and the type of drum handlers that would be most beneficial to your facility. Contact the A & M Industrial Material Handling Team for help selecting the right Morse drum handling solution or material handling solution for your needs.

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