How To Choose The Right Tingley Rainwear

How To Choose The Right Tingley Rainwear

When it comes to choosing the right raingear and jackets, the A&M team relies on Tingley® for durable, quality products that stand the test of time and extreme conditions. With 100% waterproof rainwear, Tingley gear keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the workday.


how do you know what rainwear is right the job?

With so many options, selecting the proper gear can be a challenge. With the help of your local A&M Industrial representative, we narrow down the options for you and recommend the perfect solution for your employees by asking the right questions and understanding your work environment. We cover a wide range of product categories and features to dial in on the right solution. From all-purpose wear waterproof jackets to higher level protection and from industrial, flame resistant, high visibility to premium recreation options, your needs will be met.


What Type Of Rainwear is available?industrial-rain-jacket

Industrial Rainwear:

Tingley Industrial Rainwear provides liquid-proof protection from chemicals, acids and other fluids common in trade work, and is designed for all-day wear and comfort. The impermeable layer of these waterproof jackets and gear offers full protection while still providing breathability, making this rainwear ideal for use within a wide of industries and outdoor applications.


Flame Resistant Rainwear:flame-resistant-jacket

Tingley’s Flame Resistant (FR) Rainwear is not just liquid proof, it is also ASTM D6413 tested for the flame resistance of textiles. The Tingley Eclipse™ blue line of jackets and overalls, is flame resistant rainwear that contains a specially formulated PVC layer over the non-woven Nomex® for a soft, lightweight suit that delivers Tri-Hazard® protection. Tri-Hazard® protective gear is liquid-proof and also provides arc flash and flash fire protection.


High Visibility Rainwear:Hi-Viz-Rain-Jacket 

Tingley® High Visibility Rainwear offers superior protection from the elements, with breathable vents, neck guards for wind and rain protection, and breathable material. The reflective material is available in jackets, coats, pants, overalls, and even bags. Tingley® High Visibility Rainwear provides 100% waterproof protection that meets the ANSI 107 standard. Great for roadwork and other conditions that require high visibility when on the job, Tingley® High Visibility Rainwear increases both worker safety and comfort.



The Tingley® Comfort-Brite® Jacket is the ultimate general purpose rain jacket and is ideal for Utilities, Telecommunications, Construction, Transportation, DOT’s, Municipalities, Waste Management, and General Industry. This Hi-Vis Rain Jacket not only meets ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 3 standards, but is also flame resistant (self-extinguishing after removal of ignition source), and chemical resistant to many acids, oils, and alkalies! The Tingley® Comfort-Brite® Jacket is loaded with special features and comes in either fluorescent orange-red or yellow-green.


AT A Glance Tingley® Rainwear Product Comparison 

Rainwear Product Key Features
Tingley® Industrial Rainwear Provides liquid-proof protection from chemicals, acids, and other fluids.
Tingley® Flame Resistant Rainwear Liquid-proof and flame resistant rainwear, tested to ASTM D6413 standard for textile flame resistance.
Tingley® High Visibility Rainwear This rainwear's high visibility reflective material provides 100% waterproof protection that meets the ANSI 107 standard.
Tingley Comfort-Brite Rainwear This general purpose high-visibility rain jacket is both flame resistant and chemical resistant.


Ready to learn more?

Contact us today for a more detailed breakdown of Tingley Rubber’s Rainwear and personal protection gear. As a full line distributor of Tingley products, we can help you determine the right rainwear for your application and increase worker safety, comfort, and productivity. Our safety team can provide a wide range of safety services and advise you on everything from PPE selection and spill control plans to respirator fit testing and ladder safety – put us to work, for you!