Klein Tools MODbox™ Rolling Toolbox: Go-Anywhere Mobile Tool Storage

Klein Tools MODBox Rolling Mobile Toolbox

Are you tired of lugging around heavy toolboxes that make your back ache and slow down your productivity? The Klein Tools MODbox™ Rolling Toolbox revolutionizes material handling and the way you carry and organize your tools, providing easy and secure tool transport to any worksite.



Say Goodbye to Heavy Lifting:

Klein Tools MODBox Features

Let's face it – carrying heavy toolboxes can be a real pain (literally!). But with the KleinTools MODbox™ Rolling Toolbox, you can bid farewell to those days of straining your back and your muscles. This toolbox boasts a sturdy, yet lightweight design, making it easy to transport your tools from one job site to another without breaking a sweat. The large, solid 10-inch rubber wheels are more durable than comparable competitor solutions and allow for smooth rolling and effortless maneuverability, even on rough or uneven surfaces often present at construction sites. The retractable, telescoping handle is easy to remove for storage and allows better maneuverability in tight spaces. When handle is removed, the MODbox™ Rolling Toolbox has a low, 15.5-inch profile, allowing the toolbox to easily fit under truck bed covers and car trunks.

Customizable Organization:

Stop rummaging through a jumbled mess of tools to find the one you need! The Klein Tools MODbox™ Rolling Toolbox features a modular design, allowing you to customize and organize your tools, your way. With the removable dividers and compartments, you can create designated spaces for different tools and small parts or fasteners, ensuring easy access and efficient organization. Plus, the MODbox™ includes a removable tote for those essential tools you need to keep close at hand.

The versatile modular design also allows you to connect multiple MODboxes™ together, creating a customizable workstation on wheels. Attach the MODbox™ Medium Toolbox or MODbox™ Small Toolbox to easily increase your tool storage, each designed to easily hook and lock on and off your rolling toolbox with ease. Built-in side rails allow you to secure a wide range of MODbox™ attachments, ranging from small part boxes to MODbox™ cup holders. Whether you need to transport your tools across the job site or set up a mobile workstation, this toolbox has got you covered.

Unparalleled Durability and Security:

How To Lock A Klein Tool MODboxWhen investing in a toolbox, durability is key. The Klein Tools MODbox™ Rolling Toolbox is designed to withstand the demands of professional use. It is made with impact-resistant polymers, IP65 rated for protection against debris and rain, and can withstand a 250-Pound (113.4 kg) carrying capacity. The reinforced corners and metal latches add an extra layer of security, keeping your tools safe and protected during transport. The steel reinforced lock locations are cable-lock ready, and include the opening between wheel spokes to prevent rolling.

The lid features a V-groove contour for pipe, a molded in ruler for easy at-a-glance measurement, and a steel reinforced lock location for cable or padlock. No more worrying about your tools getting damaged or falling out of a flimsy toolbox - each USA-Made Klein Tools MODbox™ Rolling Toolbox is made to last and protect the tools you rely on, featuring the unparalleled quality synonymous with the Klein Tools brand.


We Know Storage:

From mobile tool storage solutions to the design and implementation of high density storage and lean storage spaces, the A&M Industrial team can help you identify the right storage solution for your application or facility. We can perform site surveys of parts rooms, tool cribs, stockrooms and warehouse facilities, and provide CAD drawings that identify flow plan and elevations that meet your unique needs and specifications. We can help you save space and expense, and increase your material handling efficiency. Contact us to request an assessment or site storage evaluation today.