Request A MCR Safety 360° Protection Plan Safety Assessment

Request A MCR Safety 360° Protection Plan Safety Assessment
MCR Safety Assessment

Explore the importance of a formal safety assessment by MCR Safety and learn how to effectively implement its findings  to ensure a safe environment for all. MCR Safety's 360° Protection Plan provides an on-site or virtual assessment and review of your current safety gear performance. This service will provide an emphasis on direct & indirect cost savings, productivity, and risk reduction.

What Is A MCR Safety Assessment?

A formal safety assessment by MCR Safety is a systematic process used to evaluate the performance of safety and PPE in your workplace. MCR Safety's 360° Protection Plan Safety Assessment involves assessing various aspects of the work environment, including equipment, processes, and procedures, to identify potential hazards and determine the necessary control measures.

With the MCR Safety 360° Protection Plan, employers can gain insights into the current safety conditions of their workplace and make informed decisions to improve safety standards. Most directly, a MCR Safety Formal Safety Assessment can ensure your company is utilizing the right safety and PPE for your applications.

Key STEPS of a MCR Safety Formal Safety Assessment


A MCR Safety 360° Protection Plan Safety Assessment typically consists of several key components:

  • Evaluation: The MCR Safety Team gathers information via meetings with stakeholders and a safety walk through the actual work environment, allowing assessment of the applications performed and PPE used in keeping workers safe.
  • Measurement: This step involves gathering quantitative data, including information on injuries, current costs, and product lifecycles.
  • Analysis: The MCR Safety Team reviews qualitative and quantitative data gathered, identifying where you can improve your safety program to reduce injuries, while also helping your bottom line.
  • Execution: In addition to implementing recommended changes, including the right safety gloves, safety glasses, and hearing protection for your applications, we'll make sure workers are correctly fitted and trained with their new PPE.
  • Protection: This ongoing process of follow-up and review allows continuous improvement and assurance that your PPE suits your current applications.

By understanding these key components, organizations can effectively implement the findings of a MCR Safety formal safety assessment and create a safer work environment.

Benefits of Implementing A MCR Safety Formal Safety Assessment

The MCR Safety 360° Protection Plan offers several benefits for organizations, including:

  • Enhanced safety culture: By prioritizing safety assessment, organizations can foster a culture of safety awareness and responsibility among employees.
  • Reduced accidents and incidents: Through systematic hazard identification and control measures, the likelihood of accidents and incidents can be significantly reduced.
  • Compliance with regulations: Formal safety assessment helps organizations comply with safety regulations and standards set by regulatory authorities.
  • Improved productivity: A safe work environment leads to increased productivity as employees can focus on their tasks without worrying about potential hazards.

By implementing safety assessment recommendations, organizations can reap these benefits and create a safer and more productive workplace.

Request a MCR Safety 360° Protection Plan Formal Safety Assessment

Ensure your current safety procedures and use and PPE are providing optimal protection of your team. With the MCR Safety 360° Protection Plan, you can mitigate risks, reduce hazards, and increase the safety and efficiency of both your team and your facility. Complete and submit the form below to request a MCR Safety Formal Safety Assessment:


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