DETEX® Food Safe Lubricant & Technology: Prevention Through Detection


A&M Industrial strives to introduce you to solutions that provide unparalleled performance and prevent costly downtime. One industry that contends with high levels of risk is food manufacturing. From contamination, improper handling and recalls, there’s a lot of areas that can potentially cost a manufacturer thousands of dollars, and A&M wants to minimize that risk with the help of the LPS® DETEX® product line from ITW PRO Brands.

Food Manufacturing Risks

Food safety experts and federal agencies use the terms “extraneous” or “foreign” materials to describe things like metal fragments, rubber gaskets and bits of bugs that somehow make it into packaged goods.

“Extraneous materials” triggered nine recalls in 2022 of more than 477,000 pounds of food regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service — triple the number of recalls tied to food contaminated with toxic E. coli bacteria.…that’s potentially millions of dollars in lost revenues.

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LPS® DETEX® is a complete line of maintenance solutions specifically designed for food processing facilities. ​​​​Featuring a full line of lubricants, penetrants, electronic cleaners, greases, and specialty products, LPS® DETEX® can tackle a wide variety of maintenance tasks throughout food processing plants. NSF approved, LPS® DETEX® saves time and money by extending equipment life, reducing repair time, and lowering frequency of preventative maintenance all while food is in production.

And with the added benefit of DETEX® technology, these products feature blue plastic components that are metal and X-ray detectable should a part contaminate a process. The bright blue color also helps provide added visibility within the plant. This greatly helps reduce the risk of foreign object contamination that can result in contaminated product, facility downtime, delayed customer deliveries, and compromised brand reputation. The upgraded, slip-resistant can features bright blue, lithographed labels that won’t tear or smudge with NSF® ratings clearly marked across the top of the can - all visible from across the plant floor.

Additional LPS® DETEX® Benefits:

  • Reduced risk of foreign object contamination and expense
  • Specifically formulated for the food industry, formulations reduce downtime
  • Top-grade products extend time between preventative maintenance
  • Supports a facility’s HACCP Food Safety Program
  • Easily identifies items as a non-food object
  • Helps visually identify foreign objects before end-of-line detection
  • Meets FDA requirements as an acceptable material for use in food processing plants
  • Aerosol can does not contain: Heavy metals, BADGE, BFDGE, NOGE, and Bisphenol-A (BPA)

LPS® DETEX® Is Detectable & Complaint

  • Detectable: Plastic components are both metal & X-ray detectable and are capable of detection by most detection equipment
  • Visible: Blue color stands out from foods processed at facility
  • GRAS Listed: All DETEX® plastic component ingredients are generally recognized as safe  (FDA 21 C.F.R. Sections 177 and 178)
  • Aerosol Can Compliance: Can is compliant with the Food Safety Net Services (FSNS) and FDA 21 C.F.R.175.300, 1935/2004/EC

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