Effidence EffiBOT Live At NSC Conference: Robotics In The Workplace

Effidence EffiBOT Live At NSC Conference: Robotics In The Workplace
EffiBOT Robot At National Safety Council

Effidence Robotic Solutions are dedicated to improving logistics performance and safety in warehouses, production facilities, and industrial environments. A&M Industrial's Tom Trudell presented the EffiBOT Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) live at the National Safety Council's 2022 Conference and introduced the EffiBOT's unparalleled safety features and patented 'follow me' technology.



Reducing risks & increasing workplace safety

The EffiBOT Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is outfitted with unparalleled safety features that truly allow you to reduce risk while gaining all the efficiencies that robotics and automation have to offer. By utilizing robotics and automation to literally 'do the heavy lifting' and transport, you can reduce safety risks associated with skeletal muscular disorder, including muscle strains and tears, back strains and more. By reducing walking time, repetitive bending and motion, and repetitive weight strain on your employees, the EffiBOT minimizes the risk of the most common workplace injuries.


The World's safest Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

EffiBOT AMR Features

The EffiBOT Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is outfitted with enhanced features that make the it the industry leader in both performance and safety:
  • 360° Sensor Architecture: enhanced navigation and LIDAR technology (that scans every 30 milliseconds up to 150 feet in all directions!) ensures a constant 360° environment analysis for maximum safety and efficient maneuverability.
  • Auto-Stop Technology: should a person or object cross the EffiBOT's immediate path, the robot stops immediately to avoid collision.
  • Auto-Stabilization: the EffiBOT auto-stabilizes itself to ensure its cargo is transported as safely and securely as possible.
  • Protective Bumpers & Edges: bumpers are fitted on the front and rear of the EffiBOT, high visibility e-stops are featured on all four corners, and all components have rounded edges throughout (padded where necessary) to prevent lacerations when handling the robot's load and to further ensure safe handling and transport.
  • High Visibility Lighting: the EffiBOT is outfitted with a rotating light in the center of the vehicle so it can be easily seen in all environments and weather.
  • A Variety Of Custom Options: we can create and outfit your EffiBOT with custom cages and cargo nets to ensure the EffiBOT's load is always as secure as possible, and tailor made to the perform the specialized applications and material transport your facility may require. The EffiBOT Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is also fully customizable with accessories including robot arms, conveyor belts, gripping modules, and more.


more on the EffiBOT Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

Effidence EffiBot AMR RobotsThe EffiBOT (AMR) is a versatile autonomous mobile robot that allows both collaborative and autonomous use. This versatility, paired with the aforementioned safety features, cutting edge technology, and a durable design that permits use in all-weather environments, makes the EffiBOT autonomous mobile robot an ideal solution to introduce or to further your facility’s automation efforts. With inflation placing upward pressure on wages and operating costs, Effidence Robotic Logistic Solutions provide a cost effective means to a more efficient and safer operation. See a video of the EffiBOT autonomous mobile robot in action and on when/why to consider an AMR for you needs here.

EffiBOT’s industry-leading features:

  • Impressive Load Capacity: the EffiBOT autonomous mobile robot (AMR) can carry up to 660 lbs., and can tow up to 1,100 lbs. with optional tow accessories.
  • 4 Directional, Heavy Duty Wheels: highly maneuverable – uneven floors and up to 30% variances in slope are not a limit.
  • IP54 Protection: all components are well protected, allowing indoor & outdoor use.

Two Versatile Operating Modes

Collaborative And Autonomous Robot AMR AGV


Utilizing patented ‘follow-me’ functionality, EffiBOT autonomous mobile robot follows a picking operator and no cart is pulled or pushed manually, providing an obvious productivity gain.


Full autonomous handling allows automatic parts delivery to assembly line, and material transfer between various locations in manufacturing plants, machine shops and more.

Effidence Line Of Robotic AMR AGV Logistics Robots

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For more information on Effidence Robotic Solutions including the EffiBOT Autonomous Mobile Robot, EffiBOT-P Robotized Stacker, and the EffiBOT-T Tugger, please review the downloadable resource available below, or visit our website and request a Robotics Evaluation performed by Tom and the A&M Robotics team, here.