How To Choose The Right Pipe Wrench For The Job

Reed Pipe Wrench Application

A pipe wrench, also known as a Stillson wrench or plumber’s wrench, is an adjustable wrench that turns threaded pipe and pipe fittings for pipe assembly and disassembly. With so many differing types of pipe wrenches, it can be hard to choose the right pipe wrench for your application. Learn the differences between pipe wrench types, and what pipe wrench to use for your application, using below as your guide to selecting a pipe wrench.

What type of pipe wrench should I use? What are the differences between pipe wrenches?

There are a variety of pipe wrenches, each designed for specific tasks or for use within specific spaces or plumbing set-ups.

Straight Pipe Wrench

Reed Straight Pipe Wrench

A straight pipe wrench is typically made of iron and has self-cleaning threads. The head of a straight pipe wrench is parallel to the handle, allowing greater control and leverage. REED heavy-duty, straight pipe wrenches feature a solid steel pin in the heel jaw, a high-tensile ductile iron handle, and hardened alloy steel parts for added strength and durability.


Offset WrenchReed Offset Wrenches

Offset Wrenches provide longer swing and better access to tight, hard-to-reach places. An offset wrench has a box-shaped end that can be used vertically, allowing access to the bolt directly from a vertical position. REED Offset Wrenches feature a solid steel pin in the heel jaw, a high-tensile, ductile iron handle, and hardened alloy steel parts for the strength required for the most demanding applications.


Chain & Pin Pipe WrenchReed chain and pin pipe wrenches

A chain and pin pipe wrench, also known as a chain wrench, has a unique design that utilizes a chain instead of a jaw. To use it, the chain is tightened around the pipe, providing safe, reliable, and powerful torque. Useful for all types of pipe fitting, from waterworks to plumbing, REED Chain & Pin Wrenches also feature dual, reversible jaws that allow ratchet action in both directions without removing the chain wrench from the pipe.


Strap Pipe WrenchReed strap pipe wrench

A strap pipe wrench provides gripping power without scratching or deforming plastic or polished metal pipe. This wrench grips a pipe by utilizing a strap that is being pulled in tension around it. Strap pipe wrenches feature a ductile iron handle and extremely strong polyester strap, allowing use on large diameter pipes.


End Pipe Wrench

End Pipe Wrenches are designed to access hard to reach end pipes. These wrenches feature teeth on the jaw that provide a better, slip-resistant grip.


Compound Leverage Wrench

Compound Leverage Wrenches are designed to free locked or damaged couplings. The design of this wrench increases the turning force and torque applied to the pipe.



Need help selecting a pipe wrench?

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