How Do You Know If Disposable Gloves Will Be Comfortable?

How Do You Know If Disposable Gloves Will Be Comfortable?

When it comes to disposable gloves, comfort is a crucial factor that should not be overlooked. Whether you're working in a medical facility, laboratory, or any industrial manufacturing facility that requires glove usage, the comfort level of these essential safety tools can have a significant impact on productivity and worker satisfaction. In this blog post, we explore why glove comfort matters and how you can determine the comfort level of different glove materials. We will also introduce you to some disposable glove options that prioritize comfort without compromising on performance.

Why Glove Comfort Matters:

Comfortable gloves are more likely to be used consistently, ensuring proper hand protection. When gloves fit well and feel comfortable, workers are more inclined to wear them for longer periods, reducing the risk of exposure to harmful substances and potential injuries. Additionally, comfortable gloves make tasks easier to perform by maintaining dexterity and grip, promoting efficiency and accuracy in various applications.

Metrics for Determining Glove Comfort:

Determining glove comfort can be subjective, but two specific metrics that are available on disposable glove product data sheets can provide valuable insight on how comfortable a disposable glove. These metrics are elongation and modulus.

Elongation: Elongation measures how much a glove material can stretch before breaking. Safety gloves with higher elongation are typically more elastic and comfortable to wear. Latex gloves, renowned for their comfort, exhibit high elongation, allowing for significant stretching without tearing.

Modulus: Modulus measures a material's resistance to changing its shape when stretched. Safety gloves with a low modulus are more flexible and tend to be more comfortable, while those with a high modulus may feel stiffer and less comfortable.

Comfortable Glove Materials:

While latex gloves are often considered the gold standard for comfort, the increased risk of allergies has prompted many safety managers to shift towards alternative materials like nitrile and neoprene. These materials offer unique benefits, such as enhanced chemical resistance, without compromising on comfort. Nitrile gloves can provide high comfort levels comparable to latex gloves. They boast high elongation and low modulus performance, making them ideal alternatives.

Addressing Skin Irritation:

Skin irritation is another factor that can affect the comfort of disposable gloves, especially for workers who wear gloves for extended periods. Dryness, redness, itching, and flaky skin can be common issues. To address this, gloves with special inner coatings, such as MICROFLEX Aloe Sense Nitrile Gloves, can provide hydration to the skin and enhance overall comfort during wear. The proprietary aloe and chamomile inner coating and soft nitrile formulation provides a comfortable fit and feel for extended wear of MICROFLEX Aloe Sense Nitrile Gloves.

Choosing the Right Gloves:

Selecting comfortable disposable gloves that meet both comfort and protection needs can be challenging. If you need guidance in choosing the right gloves for your specific requirements, contact the A&M Industrial Safety Team. Our sales and customer service experts are available to discuss your challenges and provide assistance in finding suitable glove options. 

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