Tungaloy DrillMeister Head-Changeable Drills For Superior Holemaking


Imagine the cost savings you could achieve by eliminating tool reconditioning and significantly reducing tool inventory. Tungaloy DrillMeister high performance, exchangable head drills allow you to do just that! The future of metalworking and production grade tooling has arrived, and in this blog we'll introduce you to Tungaloy's innovative and revolutionary new DrillMeister tooling. Learn how Tungaloy DrillMeister Head-Changeable Drills provide superior drilling performance, long tool life, reduced downtime, and unparalleled versatility.




How Do DrillMeister Drills Work?tungaloy-head-changeable-drills

DrillMeister Drills allow for quick, easy, and precise head-changing thanks to an advanced clamping system that is built into each DrillMeister Drill. Each drilling head pocket includes both an axial and radial stopper along a dovetail groove, allowing you to easily remove a DrillMeister Head and then lock another securely in its place. Each DrillMeister Head includes an anti pull-out feature along the clamping surface, so you can trust the head is locked in place and able to withstand high production machining speeds and cutting conditions. This allows for very fast head indexing, and reduces the downtime that is associated with switching out tooling. A quick turn and click into place, and you're ready to go!


What are the Features of DrillMeister Drills?


The quality and innovation of DrillMeister Drills (and smaller tool diameter ADDMeister Drills) extends beyond the interchangeable heads. Each DrillMeister Drill also sports the following features:

  • Helical margin to prevent chip adhesion between the body and the hole during machining.
  • Highest grade of steel tool bodies with superior hardness for high wear resistance.
  • Internal coolant channels to supply efficient cooling and lubrication.


What are the Benefits Of Using DrillMeister Drills?

Unparalled versatility: 


  • Wide variety of geometries for every drilling application are available.
  • Advanced grade options ensure stable, long tool life.
  • Additional drill diameters and DrillMeister Head offerings are always being added to Tungaloy's already expansive selection.

long tool life and wear predictability:

  • Cutting head is always new and reliable.
  • Optimized coating thickness provides long tool life.
  • Constant coating quality provides superior tool life predictability.

Unparalleled Cost Savings:

  • Eliminates downtime associated with time-consuming tool change outs.
  • Eliminates tool reconditioning / resharpening time and costs.
  • Reduces inventory - one drill body can secure countless heads.
  • Reduces storage needs - heads are a fraction of the size of each drill body.


Your source for Innovation And Expertise

Contact A&M Industrial's expert metalworking technical support team for assistance selecting the right Tungaloy DrillMeister Drills for your application. Our team can help you determine the DrillMeister Heads that will offer you the most versatility and introduce you to the latest components of this growing and highly innovative line.