Comprehensive Tap And Drill Size Chart

Comprehensive Tap And Drill Size Chart
free tap drill size chart

How do you determine tap and drill size? Download your free tap & drill chart, and see the right clearance drill size for your tap at a glance. Our comprehensive tap & drill size chart includes recommendations for standard taps, metric taps, plug taps, cutting taps, thread forming taps, and more.


choose the right tap & drill, every time

Download the free tap and drill chart and easily determine the right tap and corresponding clearance drill for your holemaking and threading applications. Plus, this exclusive tap & drill size chart includes valuable tapping speed recommendations, tap tolerances, tap standards and tap dimensions. Utilize this chart and increase the efficiency of your threading and machining applications.

This comprehensive tap and drill chart was created in partnership with Nachi America Inc. See a wide range of Nachi Cutting Tool Solutions including Nachi Taps and Nachi Drills.