Norton Quantum 3 Ultra Thin Cutting Discs

Norton Quantum 3 Ultra Thin Cutting Discs

The Quantum3 is Norton Abrasives best-in-class, top tier cutting disc, outperforming other ceramic 1.0mm products in the market, saving time, money and waste. Premium Quantum3 ceramic grain, is ‘Made to Slice’, featuring an optimized structure, self-sharpening qualities, and cool cutting action that ensure that the disc stays efficient and effective throughout its life. Offering up to 40% greater productivity than other cutting discs, Norton Quantum3 Ultra-Thin Ceramic Cutting Discs are Norton Abrasives' faster cutting discs, ever.



The benefits of choosing a thinner disc

Speed of cutQuantum3-Cutting-Discs

Generally the thinner the disc, the faster it cuts through material. The most significant difference between a thin and a thick cutting disc becomes apparent when considering how much surface pressure is being applied.

The smaller the contact point between disc and workpiece, the higher the surface pressure. Even with little pressure applied by the operator, Norton Quantum3 Ultra-Thin Cutting Discs power through metal quickly, as the disc itself quickly does all the work.

Clean, straight cuts

An ultra-thin cutting disc will deliver accurate, precise and clean cuts through the metal every time. A clean cut is much easier to work with when welding and reduces further processing time.


Extended product life

The sharp, cool cutting Quantum3 ceramic grain gives this range of ultra-thin cutting discs an extended product life. This longer product life equates to fewer wheels being needed, reducing overall process costs and time lost by changing wheels.


Comfortable cutting

Patented Quantum3 ceramic grain offers a more comfortable cutting experience, as less pressure is required to get through the metal. Fewer vibrations and much less noise is generated when using the Quantum3 Ultra-Thin Cutting Disc as well.


Lower energy consumption

An angle grinder's ability to operate at low pressure and with reduced friction allows it to maintain a consistent RPM, resulting in lower energy consumption. This, in turn, minimizes the wear and tear on the machine over time.



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