Showa Eco Best Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves: Earth Friendly Gloves

Showa Eco Best Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves: Earth Friendly Gloves

Disposable gloves are typically made from synthetic materials including nitrile and vinyl. The production of these materials involves energy consumption, water usage, and the release of greenhouse gases. However, the primary environmental concern with disposable gloves is the generation of waste. After use, most gloves end up in landfills, where they can take a long time to decompose. This contributes to the overall waste problem and can potentially harm ecosystems. Increasingly, companies are exploring more sustainable alternatives to traditional disposable gloves. SHOWA offers biodegradable nitrile gloves that aim to reduce the environmental impact associated with glove waste and provide you with a sustainable and eco-friendly option that doesn't compromise on performance or protection.

What Is Showa's eco Best Technology?

SHOWA’s revolutionary Eco Best Technology® (EBT) offers a solution that makes a real difference to the environment. Thanks to their special composition, SHOWA's EBT gloves decompose within 1 to 5 years in active landfills*, where as for non-EBT products, this process takes more than 100 years. that equates to SHOWA's EBT Gloves decomposing twenty times faster than regular nitrile gloves! Launched in 2012, SHOWA's biodegradable nitrile gloves were the industry’s first, and today, SHOWA offers the most extensive selection of biodegradable hand protection on the market.

Unparalleled protection & sustainability

SHOWA continues to expand EBT into every color and millimeter thickness within their product offering, allowing you to meet the safety demands of today, without compromising for tomorrow.

Seven biodegradable SHOWA EBT gloves are currently available, each covering a range of applications:

SHOWA 731 Chemical Resistant Gloves: ideal for agriculture, automotive, manufacturing, janitorial, petrochemical, and refinery operations.

SHOWA 707HVO Chemical Resistant Gloves: ideal for chemicals, food, janitorial, laboratory, municipal services, and pharmaceutical applications.

SHOWA NSK 24 Chemical Resistant Gloves: ideal for automotive, food, chemical, oil & gas, agriculture, and petrochemical applications.

SHOWA 6110PF Nitrile Gloves: ideal for janitorial/sanitation, laboratory, automotive, intricate part handling, food, and technical maintenance applications.

SHOWA 6112PF Nitrile Gloves: ideal for automotive, plumbing, food, healthcare, municipal services, public utilities, pharmaceutical, and maintenance applications.

SHOWA 7500PF textured Grip Nitrile Gloves: ideal for aerospace, automotive, plumbing, food, healthcare, quality control, and warehousing applications.

SHOWA 7502PF Nitrile Gloves For Sensitive Skin: ideal for food preparation, janitorial/sanitation, and laboratory applications.


NEed help selecting Safety Gloves Or PPE?

Contact A&M Industrial's Safety Specialists for help determining the appropriate SHOWA safety gloves for your industrial applications. We offer a wide range of safety services, and carry a vast inventory of personal protection equipment that can help make your team, and your facility, safer.