Request A Machining Fluids And Sump Assessment: Increase Coolant Life

Request A Machining Fluids And Sump Assessment: Increase Coolant Life

Your coolant and machining fluids are quite simply, the lifeblood of your shop. From allowing you to cut and machine efficiently, to directly impacting both tool life and the performance of your machines, proper fluid usage and maintenance are critical to your shop's success. The industry-experienced and extensively trained A&M Industrial Metalworking Team can help you identify the right fluids for your application, introduce and help your shop adhere to best machining fluid and coolant practices, and educate your team on proper fluid management and sump maintenance.

What is A machining fluids and sump Assessment?

A&M Industrial's expert team can work with you to improve machining fluid usage and management in your facility. Our FREE machining fluids and sump assessment:

  • Identifies the fluids best-suited for your applications
  • Provides recommendations that extend coolant & sump life
  • Identifies and documents potential cost savings
  • Helps you to trouble-shoot and proactively resolve existing fluid and sump issues
  • Educates your employees on efficient coolant and sump management

Request a machining Fluids & Sump assessment

Submit the adjacent form to request an on-site or virtual machining fluids and sump assessment:



Need Help Selecting The Right Machining Fluids For Your Application?

Contact our expert metalworking team for assistance with selecting the right flood coolant for the job, or for more information on how to measure and improve cutting fluid performance. Our industry-experienced team can help you troubleshoot common coolant challenges, properly maintain your sump, and offer solutions that increase your shop's efficiency, safety, and productivity. More machining fluids and sump maintenance technical information is available on our online downloadable resource center.



Shop metalworking fluidsAMI-ITW-Sales-Flyer

A&M Industrial is full line distributor of trusted ITW Pro Brands, including LPS, LPS Max, LPS Detex, Rustlick, Accu-Lube, Dykem, Dymon, and more. Our latest ITW PRO Brands sales flyer features best-selling metalworking solutions at limited time only pricing, plus valuable technical resources including metalworking fluid selection and application charts.