The Sky Hook Lifting Device: Simplified Material Handling

The Sky Hook Lifting Device: Simplified Material Handling

The Sky Hook, manufactured by Syclone ATTCO Service, is a mechanical lifting device designed to assist with material handling and heavy lifting tasks. The Sky Hook consists of high-strength DOM Tubing, a time tested and well proven breaking system, and in some models, a counterbalance weight, all working in harmony to make your lifting experience smoother and more efficient than ever before. The Sky Hook series of industrial lifting equipment bridges the gap between basic portable hoists (or chain hoists and web slings) and large overhead or portable gantry cranes.

What Is A Sky Hook?bench-mounted-sky-hook

Imagine you're trying to lift a heavy object or an awkward load, a large scale workpiece for instance. Instead of straining your back, putting undue pressure on your muscles, and increasing the risk of an injury or an accident, the Sky Hook swoops in to save the day. By attaching the lifting hook to the object and rotating the handwheel, the weight is evenly distributed and lifted with minimal effort on your part. 

As more companies enforce weight restrictions of 35 lbs. for individual lifts, the Sky Hook portable lift offers a solution with its compact, ergonomic, and mechanical lifting devices for heavy objects. These material handling devices are portable and user-friendly, catering to the specific needs of operators at their workstations and eliminate the need to rely on complex and often costly, heavy-duty lifting cranes designed for extreme loads. The Sky Hook prioritizes the operators and their daily requirements. Weighing as little as 23 lbs., the Sky Hook can safely and efficiently lift up to 500 lbs.

What Are The Benefits of the Sky Hook Lifting Device?


1. Improved Safety: One of the primary advantages of the Sky Hook is enhanced safety. By reducing the strain on an operator's body, it minimizes the risk of injuries associated with heavy or awkward lifting applications. Say goodbye to strained muscles and hello to an easier and safer lifting experience!

2. Increased Efficiency: With the Sky Hook, you can kiss those arduous hours spent struggling with heavy loads goodbye. This device allows you to lift objects with ease, saving you time and energy and allowing your team to get back to other, higher value tasks. The simplicity of the Sky Hook’s operations also allows it to integrate seamlessly into day to day operations with little to no training involved.
3. Versatility: The Sky Hook is not limited to a specific industry or profession. The Sky Hook lifting device can be used for a wide variety of lifting tasks in manufacturing facilities, machine shops, warehouses, construction sites, and more. With a wide variety of options including Floor Mounted Sky Hooks, Bench Mounted Sky Hooks, Mobile Base Sky Hooks, and more, there is a Sky Hook product that suits your facility's needs or a specific application's requirements.

4. Portability: Need to move the Sky Hook to a different location? No problem! Thanks to its compact design and lightweight materials, you can easily transport the device wherever it's needed. Mobile 4-Leg Base Sky Hooks, Cherry Picker Sky Hooks, Reverse Cherry Picker Sky Hooks and Mobile Cart Base Sky Hooks allow for fast, easy, and convenient portability from workstation to workstation or job site to job site.

CustomizE Your Sky Hook

Custom modifications including increased or decreased height and reach, along with moving the hand wheel location or orientation, are available. A Sky Hook can also be custom built to specific dimensions your facility may require, and your choice of brake options is accommodated when possible. Other common modifications include selection of tether options (roller chain or wire rope), and a larger lifting hook size, ideal for multi-sling applications.

Sky Hook Brake Options

When it comes to Sky Hook lifting devices, there are two brake styles available, each offering specific benefits for different applications. The standard 85 Series Sky Hooks & 95 Series Sky Hooks come with a Friction Brake, while the premium 87 Series Sky Hooks and premium 97 Series Sky Hooks utilize a LoadLock Clutch Brake. For custom Sky Hook designs, customers must specify their preferred brake style during the design process. 

Friction Brake (Lever Style Brake):

The Friction Brake is a cost-effective option that provides a safe way to lift and control loads up to 500 lbs. It is particularly useful when quick operation, especially when lowering the load, is required. Customers who need to lower the load over long distances will find this brake style beneficial due to its ease of operation.

The Friction Brake works by utilizing the friction of a brake on a hub to hold the load applied to the hook of the Sky Hook. It features a lever that protrudes from the top of the Sky Hook gearbox, next to the hand wheel. Using the Friction Brake is a simple one-hand operation. To raise the load, the operator needs to rotate the hand wheel clockwise. To lower the load, the operator should slowly pull back on the brake lever while controlling the rate of descent with the palm of the same hand against the outer ring of the hand wheel.

LoadLock Clutch Brake (Weston Style Brake):

The LoadLock Clutch Brake offers simplicity and smooth operation. By far the most requested/ordered brake style, it does not require any explanation to operate, reducing the likelihood of incorrect usage. The additional cost of this brake style is justified by the ease of use it provides.

The LoadLock Clutch Brake utilizes a design concept commonly found in hand chain hoists. It uses mechanical screw forces to hold the load at all times. Releasing the brake is as simple as the operator rotating the hand wheel counter-clockwise. No lever is required to operate this brake.

The operation of the LoadLock Clutch Brake is smooth and user-friendly. To lift, the operator only needs to rotate the hand wheel in a clockwise direction, just like with the Friction Brake. The main difference between the two brake styles lies in lowering the load. When using the LoadLock Clutch Brake, the operator simply needs to rotate the hand wheel in the opposite direction from raising it. The brake takes care of releasing the load when necessary. If the operator releases the hand wheel at any point with either brake style, the Sky Hook will hold the load in that position.


Select The Right Sky Hook For Your FacilitySky-Hook-Lifting-Equipment

Contact the A&M Industrial Material Handling Team or utilize the Sky Hook brochure and specification form, available via the button below, for help selecting the right Sky Hook for your needs. Learn more about standard and premium Sky Hook models and utilize the specification form to note dimensions and preferences required for customized options.